Deeper Weekend 2014

Episode 14

Simplicity Discussion 2.0 and an Interview With Our Most Omniscient Guest to Date, Rick Telberg

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Show Notes:

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Jason and Greg discuss simplicity once again. Greg suggests that CPA firms have quite a bit of power over their customers and should treat that very carefully. Jason makes the point that making something simple for your customer may actually create additional work for you. Jason and Greg get pretty excited over their idea of using video engagement letters.

Rick Telberg shares the short version of how he came to work in the accounting profession. He offers his insights into our changing profession, addressing topics such as technology, CPE vs. real learning, communities, and how the 150 hour rule was harmful to CPA firms and accountants.

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Co-created by the CloudSolutions Alliance:
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This month’s guest: Rick Telberg

Rick Telberg is a veteran analyst, advisor, commentator, editor and publisher. He brings a unique background and perspective to research and advisory services for the professional services community.

Mr. Telberg may well be the accounting profession’s most widely-known commentator through his long associations with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Accounting Today magazine, and today, CPA Trendlines.

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