Deeper Weekend 2014

Special Edition with Deeper Weekend Speakers, Tim Williams and Dave Onkels

What to Expect at Thriveal's Deeper Weekend

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Show Notes:

Jason Blumer asks Tim Williams and Dave Onkels to share a little of what they will be teaching attendees at Deeper Weekend on November 12-14, 2014.


Tim, author of Positioning for Professions, will teach on the topic of positioning. He explains that there is more to positioning than marketing and branding. Positioning is a business strategy. He will be covering the five dimensions of how to bring a positioning strategy to life inside a professional services firm. This will be done in the context of the 5 s’s; services, staffing, self promotion, systems, and staging.


On Day 2, we will apply what Tim taught on day 1 and further explore self promotion. Dave Onkels of Dotvita will help us understand the various aspects of communication and the relevance of design. Design begins with intent. Dave, his partner Chris, Jason, and Tim will help groups create a new organization from the ground up with an emphasis on positioning and design.


To register for Deeper Weekend, visit this page.

This month’s guest: Tim Williams and Dave Onkels

To read more about Tim and Dave, visit our Deeper Weekend registration page.

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